Don't waste any more time sitting in front of a computer waiting for email to download!

Only after email has been downloaded to the user's PC will an email reader pop up, alerting the user that email has arrived!

Mail may be checked for as frequently as desired!

Emmesmail may be configured beforehand using a graphical interface, but if not, the user will be prompted for the appropriate information as needed. The same interface used for reading email also allows for composing and sending email, including attachments.

Emmesmail allows the use of both addressbooks and mailing lists!

Emmesmail is able to send hundreds of copies of an email to addresses from a list, with each email addressed to only its individual recipient!

Don't wait for other email programs to eventually provide for rejection of spam email. Emmesmail does it now! Emmesmail rejects nearly 100% of incoming spam with fewer than 1% false positives!!

Handles all MIME attachments. It first determines the MIME type, determines your default helper program from a mailcap file, and uses that program to open the attachment.

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Updated 11 Mar, 2020

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