Emmesmail download page

This software is issued under the GNU GPL.

Emmesmail depends upon two libraries, libemmes, and libemmes-gtk. There are several ways of installing the software. The easiest is to add the emmestech repository to your machine. To do that, rpm users (Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS) may click here or issue the command

sudo rpm -Uvh http://www.emmestech.com/linux/emmes-repo-0.1-1.noarch.rpm

Once our repository has been added, to install Emmesmail, simply issue the command

sudo dnf install emmesmail 


sudo yum install emmesmail 

Users using .deb files (Debian, Ubuntu, and many other distros), may add our deb repository with the command

sudo add-apt-repository http://www.emmestech.com/repos/deb/amd64/

If for some reason you do not wish to add our repository to your system, rpm users may download the individual rpms from here, and install them with

sudo rpm -Uvh $path-to-rpm #substitute $path-to-rpm with the path to the rpm

.deb users may download the .debs from here and install them with

sudo dpkg -i  $path-to-deb #substitute $path-to-deb with the path to the deb

A final way of installing the software is to download the pure source code from our pub directory. After unpacking it, you may "cd" to the top directory, compile it with "make", and install it with "make install". Be sure to install the libraries before installing emmesmail.

The executables for this software install into /u/local/bin. For the software to work properly, you must add /u/local/bin to $PATH. You can do this by issuing from the command line

export PATH=$PATH:/u/local/bin

or by putting a similar line in your .bashrc file.

Emmes Technologies
Updated 26 May, 2013